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Arrival - 

Please be aware as you enter our parking lot that there is only ONE entrance/exit. DO NOT MAKE AN IMMEDIATE LEFT TURN AS YOU WILL BE TURNING INTO THE PATH OF OUT GOING VEHICLES. When entering the lot please slow down, end cell phone conversations, and be attentive.

Proceed straight ahead over the speed bumps forming 2 lanes, LEFT SIDE for parking and RIGHT SIDE for carpool. Stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk. We ask that you only park in marked spaces. NO PARKING at anytime is allowed along the curb. 


Please remember that it is important to get your child to school on time. Those first few minutes of the morning set the tone for the rest of your child’s day at school. Children who are chronically late can have difficulty adjusting to the routine and activities of the day. Tardiness is also disruptive to the whole class.

Students enrolled in the 3's and Pre-K have morning & afternoon carpool. If you prefer you can park and walk your child in. You must walk your child all the way to their classroom. 


If you choose to use the morning and / or afternoon carpool, please read the following information carefully:

1. Morning carpool - The carpool line forms in front of the building along the right side curb.  We ask that you remain in your vehicle and allow staff to unbuckle your child and walk them into the building. Afternoon carpool - staff will bring your child to your vehicle. We DO NOT buckle car seats. Please pull into a parking space and buckle your child in before leaving the parking lot. 

2. Carpool is NO CELL PHONE ZONE. Your attention is very important to ensure the safety of your child and others. Have your child ready to get out on the right passenger side of the car.

3. Do not get in the carpool line until: If your child is eating anything - they are done, have shoes & jacket on, schoolbag packed, etc.


Adjustment to School

We know the first days and weeks of preschool can be difficult for many children. Young children can be anxious about the separation from parents when they first begin attending preschool. If your child is frightened and cries when you first come to preschool, try to remain calm and cheerful yourself. DO NOT GIVE UP and just take your child home. Give your child a loving and firm promise that you will return. 


If you wish, ask your child’s teacher what the last activity of the day is going to be, and tell your child you will be back at that time. When you come back, make sure you remind your child that you kept your promise, and came back when you said you would. Continue with this routine each morning - do not prolong your goodbye with your child — experience has taught us that a cheerful and loving hug works best. If your child is still distressed when you leave, please feel free to call the preschool office after a while for reassurance that your child has settled down and joined in the fun.


If a child has a prolonged period of adjustment with separation, we will work with you to help him/her become comfortable with coming to play with teachers and friends. For a week or so you may be asked to pick your child up early. This will give your child frequent reassurances that Mommy always comes back.  After about a week of these shorter days, we will gradually add to the length of time they stays at preschool. The 2nd week you will be asked to phone us before coming to pick up your child, and if things are going well, we will tell you to wait and come at our regular dismissal time.  This approach of gradually longer stays is generally all it takes to help your preschooler become comfortable and trusting that preschool is indeed a fun place!


We know that every child is unique, and we will work with you to meet those individual needs to the best of our ability, to help each child be successful.


After Care is available for 3's & Pre-K 4 or 5 days a week.  1:00 to 2:15 Cost is $15.00 per day.

You may sign up for these days in advance or simply call the day of to reserve a spot for your child in the program.  

Preschool Tote Bags

New students will receive a St. Cat's tote bag as part of their supply fee, which your child will need to bring to school each day. Students are welcome to use a  backpack of their own which is large enough for their lunch box and school folder to fit inside.


2 yr students should always have a full change of clothing in their bag (clothing changed as the seasons change), as well as 3 diapers, a “sippy” cup with a lid, and any comfort items such as a pacifier or a blanket that may help make their adjustment to the program a little bit easier. Please have your child’s first & last name clearly written with permanent marker on all items, including cup, lid, and diapers.

3 yr & Pre-K students should have a complete change of clothing in their bags, including socks (clothing changed as the seasons change).

If you lose your school bag, a replacement bag can be purchased from the preschool office.

Do not allow your child to keep a toy in the school tote bag.

Never put any medication in your child’s school bag – not even cough drops.

Potty Training

Children enrolled in our 3 yr and Pre-K classes must be reliably toilet trained. Potty training is not required for children in our 2 year classes.

Reliably trained is defined as: “a child who will tell an adult when they need to use the bathroom and can do so independently”. 

It is helpful if you have your child use the bathroom right before coming to school each day. Our 1-3 classrooms have a bathroom in them with a child sized toilet. Children are encouraged to go often during the school day. If your child has a poop accident you will be asked to come and change them. 

Here is what we consider potty trained:

Be able to alert the teacher BEFORE they have to go. 

Be able to say the words “I have to go potty” BEFORE they have to go.

Be able to pull down their underwear and pants and get them back up.

Be able to wipe themselves after using the toilet.

Be able to get off the potty by themselves. (our 2 & 3 year classrooms have bathrooms with child sized toilets in the classroom)

Be able to wash and dry their hands.

Be able to postpone going if they must wait for someone who is in the bathroom or if we are outside and away from the classroom.

School Days & Closings

We begin our school year in August, usually 1 week after Cobb County schools begin, and we finish in May a few days before Cobb County schools end for the summer.


We follow the Cobb County school calendar, including teacher work days and student holidays. The only day we are out when Cobb County schools are not is Good Friday. These days will be noted on the preschool calendar. Missed school days will not be made up and there is no tuition reimbursement.


In the event of inclement weather, St. Cat's Preschool will close if the Cobb County schools are closed.  Listen to your local school closings on the radio and television—if Cobb County schools are closed then St. Catherine's is also closed.  You will not see the preschool listed individually. If possible we will update our Facebook page with any relevant information. This is our most efficient means of communication, so update your information as needed.

Snacks / Birthdays

2's, 3's & Pre-K students each bring their own snack. A filled water bottle is needed

You will be alerted to any food allergies in your child’s class, which will dictate some snack limitations for the entire group.  


Suggested snacks are listed below. Your child's teacher will also have suggestions.


* Snack Mix (without nuts)    * Applesauce Cups   * Goldfish Crackers   * Cut-up Fruit

* Cheese Sticks   * Oatmeal Cookies   * Assorted Crackers   * Vanilla Wafers   * Small Pretzels 

* Graham Crackers   * Raisin Boxes                                                    

In the event that you forget to send in snack on your child’s day, or your child is sick, its okay. Each class maintains a small “pantry” of snacks for this purpose.  


Birthdays can be celebrated with a special snack or after lunch dessert. We do not have birthdays parties at school. Cookies, ice cream cups, MINI cupcakes, or small cookie cakes are a few teacher approved suggestions. 

Holiday Snacks / Parties


Classes celebrate Halloween, Valentines, and Easter with a special snack provided by a parent

Classes celebrate Christmas and End of the Year with class parties for students.

BALLOONS are a serious safety hazard & are not allowed. Please do not bring balloons, even for decorations.

At Thanksgiving, 3 yr & Pre-K students traditionally enjoy the day with children's Thanksgiving Feast, for which you will be asked to contribute an item. Families are also welcome to come to our 3 yr & Pre-K Christmas Music Program, 2 yr Spring Fling Music Program, 3 yr Mother's Day Music Program, and our Pre-K Graduation Music Program. These events are great fun, and help strengthen our relationships as a learning community.


Health, Safety, and Sick Children

The children in our care are our first and most important priority, and your child’s health and safety govern every decision we make here at St. Catherine's. Each member of the staff follows mandatory health and hygiene procedures which include: frequent hand-washing with anti-bacterial soap, use of foam cleaners between hand-washings, use of disposable gloves for each diaper change and for any contact with bodily fluids, frequent disinfecting of classroom surfaces & toys using a hydrogen peroxide based sanitizing spray, and use of gloves when handling food.

Guidelines for Sick Children

We ask that you do not send your child to school with any illness/rash that could be spread to other children.

We ask that you do not send your child to school when taking medication that causes drowsiness or diarrhea.

If your child has been diagnosed with any highly contagious illness, please alert the preschool office. We will then notify other families in the program to be on the lookout for any symptoms or warning signs.

Your child should stay at home if exhibiting any of the following symptoms: 

vomiting,   fever,  diarrhea,   discolored sinus drainage,   sore throat,  constant cough,  unidentified skin rash, pink, weepy eye

In the case of fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, the symptoms must be gone for a FULL 24 HOURS (without the aide of medication) before your child can return to preschool. Keep in mind that some medications can cause diarrhea, and so until the medication is finished, and the stool has returned to normal, your child should not return to school.

The State of Georgia and the Preschool Board require that we have on file the Georgia Department of Human Resources Immunization Form #3231, which can be obtained either through your pediatrician or the Cobb County Health Department.  An Immunization form signed by a physician, must be on file in the preschool office no later than 30 days from date of enrollment in order for your child to be permitted to attend class.

If, for religious or special health reasons, your child has not received the routine early childhood immunizations, you are asked to provide a notarized waiver form to be kept on file.

You will be asked to provide two emergency back-up phone numbers of friends or relatives that we can call in the event your child becomes ill at school and we are unable to reach either Mom or Dad. Please let them know that you have given us their names & numbers.

If you will regularly be attending a class, lesson, or other activity during school hours be sure the classroom teacher and the preschool office have the phone number where you can be reached. Be sure to keep your cell phone charged, on, and with you during school hours so we can reach you if needed.


Teachers are not permitted to administer any medication to a child, with the exception of an epi-pen or Benadryl for emergency allergic reactions. If your child requires regular medication, such as an inhaler, during the school day, written permission & instructions must be on file in the preschool office, along with a “school supply” of the medication. The preschool director will be authorized to administer the medication, with appropriate written permission from parents or guardians. NEVER send any medication in your child’s school bag – not even cough drops!  If your child needs sunscreen, please apply it at home before coming to school.

Tuition Payments

Tuition is divided into 10 equal payments. Tuition is due the 1st of each month and considered late after the 15th. Payment is accepted by cash, check, or credit card. The most convenient way to pay is online thru Headmaster. If paying in cash, please give it to the preschool office staff and request a receipt. If you prefer to use a bill paying service thru your bank / credit union be sure to submit your check request in time for it to arrive by the 15th of the month. A service fee will be charged on each returned check.

The preschool is always willing to try to work with families if a financial hardship arises during the school year.  Please do not hesitate to speak with the preschool director if this should occur. Financial assistance is confidential. 

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